Cubot phones in Kenya.

Cubot has launched many smartphones over the years. Purchasing a new phone is exciting however, it comes with the challenge of selecting the best that suits your needs perfectly With a wide variety to choose from, here are the important factors you need to consider which should help you make the best decision.

Operating system.

The operating system of the smartphone phone you want to buy plays a major role in determining the smartphone experience that you will get. Cubot smartphones are powered by Google’s android operating system which allows you to install different apps on your phone.

Camera Quality.

With every other person being on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook nowadays, it is important to impress your followers with high quality and crystal clear photos. These requires you to have a smartphone with a superb camera quality. Almost all smartphones today have built in cameras, but quality differs. Cubot smartphones are well known for their high quality cameras with high megapixels. However, having a higher number of megapixels doesn’t always guarantees that the smartphone camera is better. Image clarity is also affected by other factors such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixels size, and autofocus all which are important. High number of pixels mean that the image is bigger which becomes sharper when viewed on small screens.

Security Options.

Many people trust their smartphones with a great amount of personal information and for this reason, smartphones are designed in a manner that they are capable of keeping such information safe. Since Cubot smartphones are powered by Android operating system, they have different security features and the latest models feature a fingerprint sensor and a facial recognition system as well. These features are not for just locking your phone but also create password to access different apps, documents or files in your phone.

Storage Capacity.

Large internal storage space means more movies, video games, pictures, and e-books among others. However, a big part in these smartphones storage capacity are occupied by the apps that these device come pre-installed with. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to have less number of apps in your device, you can go for a model with 32GB storage. Users who prefer to have large number of apps can for 64GB models. A must have for many Cubot smartphones is an SD or microSD card slot for removable storage. This increases your phones storage space.

The best Cubot phones don’t always cost a fortune. However, as the saying goes cheap is expensive, cheap and low quality phones should always be avoided. Depending on the features that the smartphone has, you will need to decide what combination of form and function works best for your budget. High end Cubot smartphones have more features and accessories compared to lower priced ones. However, so many new smartphone models are being released daily, some which are high end and others being cost friendly with reduced feature sets and performance. Therefore, depending on how much you want to spend, be certain that you will find one within your budget range.

Screen size.

Big screen sizes are the recent trend in smartphones and Cubot smartphones are no exemption. The screen size and resolution display depends greatly on how you use your smartphone. If you frequently use your smartphone to stream movies & videos, edit pictures, browse social media platforms, check emails, a phone with anything between 5-6inch, full HD or QHD resolution should be more than enough for you. In addition, larger screens make the mobile experience so much better and with the modern ultra-thin design you are assured that you won’t stretch your thumbs when using the phone.

The processing power found in different smartphones varies from one model to the other and this is the case with Cubot smartphones. This depends of multiple factors such as OS version, UI and bloatware among others. If you are a heavy user looking for a phone to edit videos, images or documents online, stream videos, play heavy games or frequently use apps in split mode, a model with a fast processor should make multitasking so much easier for you. The last thing that you would want is a phone that hangs every time you open different apps.

Battery life.

If you are tired of charging your phone every now and then, it might be that time that you upgraded to a Cubot smartphone with a large capacity battery. A smartphone whose battery doesn’t last long can be quite frustrating as you will be required to keep it connected to the charger regularly. However, this is not the case with Cubot gadgets. Between the large sized screen displays and the snappy processors, recent Cubot smartphones are capable of taking you throughout the whole day before being recharged. In addition, with multiple technological advancements happening smartphones now feature a fast charging technology that allows you to charge it superfast.

Network speed.

Lastly, it is also important to pay keen attention to the internet speed of the phone you intend to buy. This will be influenced by network infrastructure and its reception quality found in different parts of the country. The modem hardware inside your phone will dictate how fast it can send or receive data. In Kenya, 4G is the fastest network available at the moment and if your locality s 4G enables, you will enjoy fast internet speed from any 4G phone.

Cubot Phones FAQs.

Are Cubot phones good?

Yes. Cubot manufacturers have been working hard over the years to improve on their smartphones quality. The have screen displays that make viewing genuinely captivating. These phones are also reliable and cost friendly as well.

Which is the best Cubot smartphone?

Customer’s priorities differ when choosing a smartphone therefore there is no “one size fits all” Cubot smartphone. However, rather than claiming a particular Cubot smartphone is the best, we have listed above some of the best that are available in Kenya which we believe are worth your consideration.

Advantages of Cubot phones.

Large storage capacity.
Large battery capacity and fast charging feature.
Quality smartphones at a cost friendly price.
Quality camera for pictures addicts.