Samsung Phones under 25k

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Samsung Phones under 25k in Kenya

Must-Have Features

  • Screen: 6.5 inches+
  • OS: Latest
  • RAM:6GB RAM+
  • ROM:128GB+
  • Camera: 48MP + 8MP or better
  • Battery : 5000 mAh
  • Colors: Many

As a leading electronic brand in Kenya, Samsung produces good quality smartphones from budget buys to flagships, which are equipped with different features to meet the needs of different individuals.

They are made with modern technology as discussed here, to make life easier, faster, and better.

The uniquely-designed lineup of phones is reasonably priced, allowing you to own your desired phone with a good budget of below Ksh. 25,000.

Samsung smartphones offer a great camera experience, long battery life, and large screen display among other great features.

If you are on the hunt for the next phone, then you are in the right place.

Herein discussed are the advantages and a guide to what you should look for when purchasing your next Samsung smartphone.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Samsung Phones in Kenya

Cost– the phone to purchase is largely determined by the amount of money you are willing to spend.

As different phones have different prices depending on their features, it is up to you to know what kind of features you are looking for in order to determine the kind of phone to purchase.

The more advanced a phone is, the more expensive it will be.

Size– Smartphone screen size measurements are calculated in inches by measuring diagonally from the upper right-hand corner of the screen to the lower left-hand corner.

The sizes vary across different models, and hence you have a choice of what works best for you. This is determined by the size of your thumb and index finger.

You can choose between small, medium, and large, whereby large phones measure 6.5 inches and above.

Series– there are five Samsung smartphone lines (current) including; Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, and Galaxy M (millennial) series. The newest line, the Z series is a collection of Samsung’s foldable phones.

Battery life-different smartphones have different battery sizes and charging capabilities and your ideal Samsung phone will depend on your phone usage.

The more mAh a phone has the higher the battery life (duration between charges). mAh (milliampere-hour) refers to the amount of charge a mobile phone battery is able to deliver.

Depending on how many games you play or how many videos and images you capture and how frequently, look for phones with bigger batteries that are fast charging.

Camera– different people will choose different phones depending on the camera quality.

Your use of your camera phone again determines how good you need your camera to be.

If you are an avid selfie-taker for example, and selfie photos and videos are what you take most, you will want to look at a phone with the best selfie camera.

Samsung phones have great front-facing cameras with up to 40 megapixels depending on the phone type/series.  High megapixel cameras adapts to capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions.

Storage– phone memory is basically the RAM (Random Access Memory), the part of the phone that is used to store the operating system (OS) as well as the apps and data currently in use.

RAM is a lot faster than phone storage. Phone storage is used to store data such as apps, photos, videos, and files that are necessary for the phone to run.

The more RAM your smartphone has, the quicker you can access and switch between apps without experiencing any lag.

Without RAM, apps would close when you switch to another app, causing delays and slowing your phone down.

Gigabyte (GB) is the measurement used to calculate storage on smartphones, computers, tablets, and gaming consoles.

There are different gigabyte options you can choose from for your new Samsung phone.

The much you choose depends on how much you need to store such as videos, music, games, photos, etc.

Connectivity– the fifth generation of mobile network 5G, is the latest offering significantly faster downloads, quicker uploads, and more people to be connected at the same time.

This network offers fewer delays when using your phone and accessing web content.

It is compatible with specific phones which are more expensive.

Advantages of Samsung Phones

Reputable brand- being a well-known brand in Kenya, Samsung is equally trusted by millions of people to provide the best and most efficient designs in the market.

Compact design– Samsung phones are made with good quality designs that are durable. They offer you a long-lived performance with good maintenance and care.

Sleek and powerful– Samsung smartphones are made in sleek and easy-to-carry designs.

They are convenient and perfect for any kind of individual. This however does not interfere with the quality of the gadgets.

Technology– Samsung smartphones feature the latest technology that helps achieve more than what an ordinary mobile phone can accomplish.

They have features such as high-definition cameras, ergonomic display, maps and GPS tracking, mobile wallets and fast web browsing, expanded memory and multiple-user interface.

Innovative and unique- Samsung phones feature cutting-edge technologies, boasting amazing features in every model.

From the phone processor, cameras, and display, each of their flagship models exceeds the previous in one way or another.

Android OS– being the first to embrace android OS, Samsung provides access to millions of applications via Google Play.

It also allows the integration of advanced computing technologies and software in mobile phones.


Ksh. 25,000 is the average price of phones owned by many people in Kenya.

This means that you can acquire a really good phone at the same price.

You just have to understand what your options are and what features they have to offer.