Factors to Consider when Choosing Tecno phones in Kenya

  • Storage Capacity
  • Screen size and Resolution
  • Processor
  • Camera
  • Battery Size and Life
  • Security Features
  • Price
  • Network
  • Connectivity

Why Tecno Phones

Premium mobile phones

Tecno mobile phones are loved by young people because of their low cost.

Tecno phones can serve all of your needs. Tecno phones are some of the highest quality smartphones that are currently available in the market.

They are equipped with important features that customers desire when shopping for a smartphone. Tecno phones are powerful enough to run all the apps you need.

Tecno phones run on the Android operating system and are decent in terms of speed and so they do not disappoint.

Excellent Performance

Tecno phones have extremely high performance and operate smoothly without stress.

Tecno’s classy performance has helped it stand out among other phones. Its great performance makes the phone suitable for gaming. The phones’ CPU has a sufficient amount to give you a stress-free interaction.

Tecno phones are engineered to give you great performance without stress.


Tecno phones come with dual sim and both of them can be standby. The feature saves you the burden of spending extra money acquiring another phone if you have two sim cards.

It is also more convenient to travel with sim cards in one phone. With Tecno phones, the stress of switching sim cards will be a thing of the past.

Impressive Design

Tecno phones are constructed really well. The phones come in different colors to suit different preferences. The controls are placed in ideal locations for easier access.

The inputs are also in the right place. The back neither catches fingerprints nor does it slip out of your hands, this makes it comfortable on your hands.

For additional protection, you can use a case. For budget phones, the build in Tecno phones is admirable.

Another desirable feature is the great display, it gets reasonably bright and has enough pixels to make your media consumption great.

Impressive camera

Tecno phones have cameras that do a good job, especially in well-lit conditions.

Considering the price of the phones, the camera offer value for money. The camera does a good job of taking photos that do not need editing before sharing them online.

Both the rear and front cameras do an excellent job. With the front camera, you will be able to take impressive selfies.

Tecno phones have an LED flash on the front that helps in taking photos in the dark.

Affordable mobile phones

Tecno phones have become so popular in the country because they are quality phones at low prices.

There is a wide variety of smartphones running on Android but Tecno phones have earned a place in the list as the finest low-cost phones.

The phones are very reliable and cheap making them accessible to many.

At low prices, the Tecno phones are a complete package with decent features that will meet your requirements when looking for a phone. Some of the phones will even exceed your expectations.

Taking a good video with your Tecno phone

Mobile phones let you capture every moment wherever you are. Shooting a great video with your smartphone is easy and the footage will look amazing.

Good lighting is essential because phones have smaller image sensors and lenses. You have to be steady while recording to avoid blurredness.

Use both of your hands to hold the smartphone as close as possible to your body. Ensure you are close to the object for better quality.

How to maintain your smartphone?

We have become a smartphone society and maintaining your device for longer life is essential.

The following are ways to protect your smartphone:

  • Getting a phone case. Dropping your phone and shattering the screen is very painful. Once the screen shatters, there is no guarantee that it will be fixed. Avoid all the inconvenience by investing in a case. There are dozens of cases to choose from for every model.
  • Using a screen protector. The screen protector keeps the screen together if the phone falls. Use a protector that is easy to apply and is the right one for your home. The only downside to the use of screen protectors is that it’s harder to scratch the screen which affects the responsiveness.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and water. These are hazards to your phone and they can lead to irreversible damage to your phone.
  • Streamline and update the apps. Disable apps you do need to extend your battery’s life. Ensure the apps you are using are always the latest version. Updating the apps guards against malware and security threats.
  • Use trusted sources. When downloading new apps, source them from trusted sources to prevent malware on your device.
  • Take care of the battery. Always follow guidelines from the manufacturer to keep your battery in a good state. Some of the things to do are: charge the phone before it runs down completely, turn off services you are not using and restart your phone from time to time.
  • Cleaning out the junk. There is a lot of stuff that slows the phone by taking up the processing power. Always check your phone regularly and remove unnecessary files. Moreover, you should clear the cache every now and then.
  • Keep your gadget clean by wiping it using a sleeve. Do not use alcohol to clean the touchscreen as it can damage the phone.
  • Back up your phone. This saves your information such as contacts, photos, Gmail messages, and downloaded apps on your google account. In case you replace your phone, you can retrieve the information from the google account.

Final Thoughts

In the smartphone industry, getting a phone that meets your requirement is important.

Tecno knows this and manufacture phones that are customized to meet and exceed the customers’ requirement.

It is for this reason that Tecno has remained the choice for many in the country. The manufacturers use the latest technology to provide smartphones with the best features.

Combined with aggressive marketing and excellent pricing, Tecno has maintained a large market share in the country.

Every release is better than its predecessor. Tecno lets you discover your world in the best way possible.